From Hating the Office, to Loving It

by Brian Moran

Back when I was an employee, I dreaded the office. It was 2009, the year I graduated college. I was engaged to be married later that year, and trying to save every penny I could. I landed a full-time job with a big consulting firm here in the Washington D.C. area…a job that I thought […]

How the New Gmail Layout Saved Me 30 Minutes Per Day

by Brian Moran

If you don’t check out almost every day like I do, you may not have heard about Gmail’s new inbox featured, tabbed categories. I stumbled across a blog post about it, immediately jumped over to my cluttered inbox, and activated the new feature. This might be the best thing for my workday, ever. All […]

The Only 3 Things Your Startup Should Focus On

by Brian Moran

When I first got started on my quest to run my own business, I ran into more problems than I care to count.

Today’s post is about outlining some of the most important challenges I faced, and other startups today still face everyday. At the end, I want your input on the biggest road-blocks you face today.