The 4 Myths That Are Annihilating Your Facebook Ads, And Why A ‘Worn Out’ Strategy Is The Easy Way To Crush It In 2019

He stopped me mid-sentence, “Wait, say that again…”

I was at lunch with a buddy of mine back in February (a fellow SaaS Founder, of a software you definitely know), and he was looking at me like I had two heads.

So I repeated it, “We are spending $17,000 a day on Facebook Ads.”

Now, do I spend +$17k every, single day? No. But 9 out of 10 days, that’s the ballpark we’re playing in. And it was a pretty big shock to my buddy, who was struggling to figure out how to spend more…without bankrupting his company.

I’m always shocked at how shocked people get when they hear that Facebook Advertising is a huge part of the growth at SamCart

I mean, there was a time where I was known as the “Facebook Ads Academy” guy. I still have people come up to me + tell me that training launched their online career!

You know Billy Gene? The dude with the incredibly awesome video ads?? Scott + I did an interview with him, and he told me that my old “Facebook Ads Academy” training was what clicked everything into place for him + launched his whole agency.

Awesome freaking dude. That was a fun time.

Look, I don’t “teach” Facebook Ads anymore. But I only know one way to pour jet fuel onto any business, and take control of your own destiny. It’s the same way I grew TrainBaseball from $0 to $10,000/month back in 2010. And it’s the same way I have grown SamCart from $0 to $10 Million almost a decade later. 

Answer = Facebook Advertising. 

Because everyone knows traffic is the lifeblood of your business. You want to grow? You need eyeballs. You need visitors. You need traffic.

And unless you plan on becoming a Instagram star with 100,000 followers, or stumbling into some stud Affiliate Partners who want to sell your stuff for you, or cracking the “Search Engine Code” by writing blog post after blog post…

You need a better plan to grow.

What happens when that big Affiliate stops promoting your stuff? 

Or if all your blogs posts + videos never get any traction with Google?

Or if you get stuck at 1,000 followers and never become the next Instagram Star?

Your business can’t grow.

Maybe this is just my personality, but I have to be in control of my own destiny. Which has led me to a completely different way of approaching Facebook Advertising. And that different approach is why after 10 years, I am still here! Consistently finding new customers day after day on Facebook Ads.

But we’ll get to that in Part II. Stay tuned for that one.

You ever notice how many “experts” + “talking heads” come and go? Some ads pop-up, they become a hot name to follow for a year or so…then POOF! 

They’re gone…

Never, ever…follow advice from people like that. I have a lot of respect for the select few men + women who have just been quietly chugging along for years.

Listen to people who have shown sustained success. 

For whatever reason, people just cannot stop jumping on the next “new thing”. Facebook Ads were the new thing once! Remember that?

But at some point, these same “talking heads” started pointing everyone in other directions…and shouting nonsense about Facebook being “too expensive” or telling everyone “the golden days are gone”. 

Stuff like that is so laughable. Those same people come and go all the time. While my Facebook Ad campaigns have been running for a decade straight. 

If you remember nothing else from this post, remember this…

Facebook Advertising is THE big opportunity in 2019, and beyond.

It’s no longer sexy. It’s no longer new. But it is more effective at growing businesses than it has ever been. Which is why despite anything you heard from some random person in a Facebook Group once, Facebook Ads Revenue is still growing like crazy…

So here’s my question: Why aren’t you using Facebook Ads to pour jet fuel on your own business?

Someone recently described Facebook Ads to me as “worn out”. I hear objections like, “It’s just too expensive now” all the time.  So here’s what we’re going to do…

I am going to dispel my 4 favorite Facebook Advertising Myths.

I see people using each of these as reasons they DON’T use Facebook Ads. And they just could not be more wrong. 

Let’s clean out the gutters, and vaporize some of these terrible public opinions…

Myth #1: “The days Of $0.03 clicks are gone!”

I can’t remember the last time I looked at my cost per click. Who cares? You know what you should focus on 100% of the time?

Getting buyers.

Plus, you know what? They are probably right. $0.03 clicks are likely gone for good, and I couldn’t be happier about it. 

Because here’s a hard truth…

If getting the “cheapest clicks” is a requirement for you, good luck to you. That does nothing but focus you on scraping the bottom of the barrel. Purposely trying to attract the worst quality traffic Facebook can possibly send your way. 

It’s like fishing in a waste treatment plan and being mad when you catch s**t. 

 Clicks don’t grow your business, customers do. Stop focusing on cheap clicks, start focusing on ROI.

Forget $0.03 clicks. It’s blinding you to the opportunity.

Myth #2: “Create hundreds of campaigns, and thousands of ad sets”

This one is a little more advanced I guess, but I see this all the time from “coaches” and “experts”. 

They want you to break out your ads into little micro-campaigns. You create hundreds of different campaigns, all with hundreds of different ads inside of them.

Then you spend a little bit in each campaign. And the idea is that you watch freaking ALL OF THEM…and turn off what doesn’t work. 

After a while, you’re supposedly left with only the best ads. Survival of the Fittest style…Darwin would be so proud.

But here’s the problem: What if it doesn’t work that way??

Look, I’ve tried my own campaigns this way. And I wish everyone would call it what it is: it’s a crapshoot. If you were spending $100,000 a day, like Coke or Under Armour or something, maybe Facebook could actually get enough data to tell you which of your 10,000 different ads is really the best.

But when you’re working with relatively small numbers (like the rest of us in the real world), it’s mostly dumb luck. And to be blunt, a huge waste of time.

This strategy is not the huge breakthrough some “pros” claim it to be. And I understand why people quit on Facebook Ads when this is what they are told to emulate.

Myth #3: “Focus On Video Views”

This strategy goes something like this: pay to get a bunch of really cheap video views, then retarget those viewers with your real ads to get leads or make sales…

There are some big-time people out there right now, talking about this strategy like it’s the Golden Ticket. When in reality, this is the new “$0.03 Clicks”.

I know some smart people that still swear by this technique. And ya know what, if it really is working for them, great. But I tried this several different times, and by every measure I succeeded. Except the only one that matters: ROI.

I got the cheap video viewers! I reached the mountaintop. But I never even came CLOSE to making my money back. 

If you’ve tried this popular technique + failed, you’re not alone.

Myth 4: “Facebook’s changes are bad for us”

When you’ve been around as long as I have, you don’t freak out about this kind of stuff. Over the years, Facebook has introduced + killed off dozens of different ad types: Sidebar, News Feed, Offer Claims, Carousel, Lead Ads, Videos, Engagement Posts, Like Campaigns, even Augmented Reality Ads now…

The point is: Facebook changes things all the time.

So when I hear about more new changes, like the latest news about how Facebook is going to be moving every campaign to their Optimized Budgeting sometime later this year, you have plenty of “experts” who are willing to declare the end of Facebook Ads as we know it.

A guy in my SamCart Facebook Group posted the other week that some coach was telling people these changes mean, “Facebook is finally killing the small business owner.” 

What a load of hogwash. Facebook has changed so much in a decade. Some changes are permanent, some aren’t. But in the last 10 years, Facebook has done nothing but become a better tool for finding you paying customers.

In Part II, I’ll dive into exactly how you can use Facebook’s newest features to do exactly that. But first, I am dusting off a relic from my past…

In the end, it doesn’t matter how many new ad types FB brings out or kills off. Getting the right traffic is about 3 things:

  1.  A Great Headline
  2. An Appealing Image
  3. A Call To Arms
I created a guide back in 2013 that I called, ‘The Perfect Facebook Ad’. That 3-step process for creating killer ads is as relevant today as it ever way. 

Click below + I’ll send you a copy for free…

If you keep subscribing to myths like these, you are overlooking your biggest opportunity for growth. 

I’m not a “Facebook Ad Expert”. I’m just a guy who wants to see you succeed, and sell your stuff on SamCart for the rest of your life 😉

But listen, doing this stuff on your own can be overwhelming. So how would you like to outsource your Facebook Ads? Let someone else take care of who to target, which ads are winners, and where to spend your budget?

In Part II, I want to tell you about the Ad Agency that is helping me optimize my budget every single day. Bringing in fresh, new customers every single day. Practically guaranteeing that I stay profitable.

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