Pt. II: The 10 Reasons Why People Aren't Buying From You...

In Part I: How I Made My First Sale Online, I told the story about how a mentor of mine sat me down and explained exactly why I wasn’t making any money online.

He walked me through the Top 10 Reasons people decide not to buy something…and he explained how most people fail because:

  • They have no idea they NEED to address each reason...
  • They have no idea HOW to address any of them...

So here’s the list of the Top 10 Reasons people decide not to buy something. These are things that go on inside someone’s head as you’re presenting them with something to buy…

The 10 Reasons People Don't Buy

  1. “This is too expensive…”
  2. “I’ll get to this later…”
  3.  “I don’t have a need right now…”
  4. “This isn’t worth the risk…”
  5. “I’m already using [insert competing product]…”
  6. “This won’t work for me…”
  7. “I’m confused about [insert issue here]…”
  8. “I don’t believe you…”
  9. “I can get a better deal somewhere else…”
  10. “I had a bad experience with a similar product…”

So here’s the truth.

No matter what you’re trying to sell. Whether it’s online or offline. Physical product, digital product, or service. Whether you’re selling your own product or someone else’s…

…If you’re in the business of convincing people to give you money for something…you need to get good at convincing people it’s worth it to give you their money.

The problem is, most people think you have to be born with that skill, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let’s take the #1 sales objection on earth: price.

Everyone thinks price is far more important than it really is. And everyone always thinks that lowering your price is the only way to eliminate that objection from potential customers.


Let me prove it to you. I had a funny experience with a lawn care guy the other day…and it’s a perfect example of how to make sure no one ever thinks your product is too expensive ever again. Watch this quick video…

Did you watch?

If you did, you now have 1 simple tactic you can use to overcome price when you’re trying to convince someone to buy whatever you’re selling!

Now…imagine the wave of sales you would create if you knew how to crush all 10 of the most common objections going through your potential customer’s minds!

Imagine how many customers you would get if all the sudden people had every reason to say “Yes!” instead of “No.”

Well, I can tell you what would happen…

…the same thing that’s happening to the thousands of people I’ve been teaching these techniques to for the last year.

These are people who until they got their hands on this blueprint, had never made a sale online before.

But now, their visitors have every reason to buy, instead of dozens of reasons not to.

Like I said the other day, I’ve been working on a secret resource that people like you can have at their side anytime you’re creating a “sales page”…where the goal is to turn visitors of that page into paying customers.

This little resource (I’m calling it “The 1 Page Blueprint”) outlines the 7 step recipe your “Sales Page” needs to follow if you want it to do its job.

If you follow these 7 steps in order, it will work.

And you will unlock more sales than you ever thought possible.

These “7 Steps” are so critical, that we’re designing a specific “widget” for each one inside SamCart’s new page builder. That way you can just drag over each of the 7 steps and BOOM…your page is ready to convert visitors into buyers.

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